Custom Lettering Stencil (laser cut on reusable mylar)
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Custom Lettering Stencil (laser cut on reusable mylar)

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Cut your own unique custom lettering stencil, on durable and re-usable mylar plastic. Base price is $10, which will increase with larger letters and longer message. To order, enter the stencil text message and be sure to indicate which are upper and lower characters. Then, enter the height of the stencil message (capital letters). Count the characters and enter the total amount in the drop-down menu (don't count empty spaces). Please enter any other information in the Special Direction. Choose from 100 font styles. To view font option, click here. Lastly, don't forget to include any special layout direction. For more detailed instructions on custom lettering or projects with larger letters or longer message, click here

Most custom stencil lettering orders ship within 5-7 business days unless otherwise specified. Thank you for your stencil order.