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Cookie Swap - Creating creative cookies

Use small decorative designs, monograms, letter stencils to create unique cookies and baked goods.

Better Homes & Garden's Embellish Magazine

Create a personalized Scroll Monogram stencil and use it to decorate a chest.

    Better Homes & Garden's Traditional Home Magazine

    Use your own personalized monogram to decorate your home with. Order monogram stencil.

    Better Homes & Gardens

    A unique way to dress up a lamp shade. Order this large Leaf stencil.

    The House That Faux Built 

    One featured project in the book showcases a Stencil Planet stencil used to create beautiful impressions in wood panels using different shades of stain. Order large Star Medallion stencil.

    Glamour Magazine

    Use a stencil to spruce up a dull wood floor. Order this Victorian corner stencil.

    Better Homes & Garden's Do It Yourself Magazine

    Use these stencils as a fab alternative to wallpaper, at a fraction of the cost.

      Home Depot's Decorative Painting 1-2-3 Book

      Create elegant embossed Arabian frame stencil designs on a flat wall. 

        PMG's Home and Garden Featuring decorative wall treatments

          Old House Journal

          "The age-old art of stenciling has gone high tech with Stencil Planet". Order this Victorian stencil.