Custom Lettering - Overview

The easy and convenient way to stencil custom lettering for any type of application. Our quality, selection and pricing is unbeatable! 

Order Custom Re-usable Mylar Stencil
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Spray chalk Text Stencil Custom Text Stencil for a Business Decorative Wall Text Stencil
Spray chalk Text Stencil
Custom Text Stencil for a Business
Decorative Wall Text Stencil
 Our Capabilities
  • Wall Border lettering
  • Name stencils
  • Quote stencils
  • Wedding stencils
  • Monogram stencils
  • Sign stencils
  • Logo stencils
  • Equipment stencils
  • Inventory stencils
  • Shipping stencils
  • Over 80 different styles
  • As small as 1/4" letters
  • As big as 20" letters
  • Custom stencil layouts
Tips on how to Order:
    1. Determine your message. Make sure you include commas, punctuation or other symbols. Also indicate which characters are upper vs. lower case.
    2. Determine the size and layout. Specify either the total message width (MW) or character height (CH) and we'll size the entire message proportionately. You can also specify both a width and height (this often results in that the letters will be squeezed or stretched).  Indicate how you want the message designed. Straight one line, two lines, etc. Please note that for an extra charge you have the option to design your text message in many different ways.  
    3. Select a font style. Choose from our broad range of unique fonts. Click here to view available fonts. You can also try to preview your message in different fonts, click here.
    4. Select the right type of material. You can have your letter stencil cut on either Re-usable Mylar Plastic or One-time use (bridge-less) Adhesive Vinyl. To learn more about these products and determine which material is most suitable for your project, click here.
    5. Order your stencil or get an estimate for your project
Cost, Timing & More
The cost for a custom Mylar or Vinyl stencil starts at about $10 (minimum order). The overall cost is factor of the character height, the font style, overall message length/number of characters, as well as layout. Large stencil orders (letters higher than 6" and more than 60 characters, special layouts) need to be estimated individually (click here for a free estimate). Please note that the unit cost decreases with larger orders.

Most custom lettering orders are completed and dispatched within 7 business days. Also, if your run in to any problems with our stencils (e.g., breaking, not working properly, etc.) we'll re-cut the problem sections for FREE!