How to use Vinyl Stencils

If your vinyl stencil is cut on a large or long sheet, consider cutting it in smaller sections (e.g. 2 feet sections). It will make it easier to apply, especially if you work by yourself. Follow these 5 simple steps to apply the stencil to the surface:

1. Use some masking tape on top to "hang" the stencil in the desired location. Make sure the stencil is flat against the surface before securing the tape.

2. Lift up the stencil and "flip" it over. Start in a corner and carefully begin to peel off the blue backing.

3. Once the backing is off, flip the stencil back without touching the surface. Then hold the stencil in the two lower corners and carefully pull it out while loosely placing it against the surface. Begin to secure the stencil to the surface from the center out towards the corners.

4. After the stencil is secure to the surface, start in one of the corners and carefully peel off the light yellow transfer tape. Peel it off close to the surface, in a sharp angle.

5. Make sure that the stencil is flushed against the surface in all places. You're now ready to begin stenciling! When done, remove the stencil and toss it. If possible, try to remove the stencil before the paint is completely dry. 

Good luck!